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    Poise in its literal sense means : "Dignified, Defined, Graceful and Controlled". Here at Poise we are Dignified because we have a brand that is developed by our sister company Chindhy’s Interiors who has goodwill of about 30 years, and is constantly coming up with new ways to not only better our existing product range, but also to continuously research and develop new products. This makes us a strong contender in the world of interior design on a global scale Our work is well Defined because we have partners from all over the world that come together to give you simplicity and beauty at its most! Grace is a very important factor in any part of our lives and not just in our homes, so we at Poise incorporate style and uniqueness to suit your needs and give you your money’s worth. The corporate mission is to craft increasingly innovative furniture both material-wise, as far as productive systems are concerned, and to bring additional creativity in design featuring essential lines. To be playful in our designs in a Controlled manner yet having the leeway to do so, comes easy to us because we have our own machinery and manufacturing units. We do not need to depend on anyone to get work done efficiently in a limited time span, and make it both effortless and seamless at the same time. Poise’s Modern Kitchens are carefully devised by intimately focusing on details, finishes, design, accessories, and assembly.
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